World of Warcraft isn't going to let us forget about Left Shark. It appears that the inferior shark is now a battle pet in the popular MMORPG.

Left Shark became an icon for its antics, er, bad dancing with Katy Perry during this year's Super Bowl half-time show. The poor Left Shark just couldn't keep up with Right Shark, and suddenly it felt like everyone on the internet had a Left Shark meme. 

Blizzard's World of Warcraft PTR for patch 6.2 revealed this addition. PTR stands for public test realm and this is how Blizzard tests out upcoming additions in a live setting. This is when Wowhead discovered that Left Shark is a battle pet. Left Shark has fitting abilities like the rain dance and the dazzling dance. Did you ever expect to see this shark do battle? Me neither, but it's nice to see Blizzard have some fun with players. 

Unfortunately, this patch still isn't officially live, so we won't know if Left Shark actually makes the cut.