Square Enix is giving players a chance at a dress rehearsal of sorts, with the news that a demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is on its way. The download, which is available on the 3DS' eShop, lets would-be conductors/heroes a chance to try out a pair of tracks from the game, while unlocking content for the upcoming full release.

Players will be able to check out two songs in the demo: J-E-N-O-V-A from Final Fantasy VII, and Edgar and Sabin's Theme from Final Fantasy VI. Players can play the songs up to 30 times during the demo. The complete game, which launches Sept. 16, features more than 200 tracks. If you download the demo, you'll also unlock a few additional characters in the retail game, from a roster of more than 60.

For more on Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, take a look at Tim's review of the first game, as well as the debut trailer from Curtain Call's announcement.


Our Take
Whenever possible, I like to try things out before I buy them, and that certainly goes for video games. The Theatrhythm games are unusual, so it's good that you can see for yourself if they're something you'd like without committing any cash. Plus, if you're already sold, it's cool that your time with the demo will reward you when you dive into the full game in a few weeks.