Shortly after the tragic passing of Robin Williams, fans gathered to request that Blizzard immortalize the beloved comedian and actor. The publisher quickly told fans that it would find a place for Williams, and now he’s been found.

According to WoWHead, a large site specializing in World of Warcraft coverage, a number of Robin Williams-inspired NPCs have been located. The first found in game (and not through code mining) is a genie that shares two lines from Disney’s Aladdin (almost). A Blizzard representative has confirmed to Game Informer that the images are authentic. 

Click to enlarge. Used with permission from WowHead.

When you find the Ever-Burning Lamp on an island off the coast of Talador and rub it, you’ll see the spirited figure appear. When emerging from the lamp, he exclaims “Infinite cosmic power!” (which is close to the Genie’s “Phenomenal cosmic power!” movie quote). He quickly disappears, saying “Itty bitty living space,” another line from the movie.

Additionally, there is a cracked egg spaceship nearby. Those who remember Williams in Mork & Mindy will get the reference.

For more, including images, check out the full report at WoWHead.

[Source: WowHead]


Our Take
Blizzard has worked quickly to fulfill its promise, and it looks like there is more to come. It’s wonderful that the WoW team has managed to work in a number of Williams' most famous roles (especially if the datamining is correct about Mork and Mrs. Doubtfire outfits). Kudos, Blizzard.