As summer winds down and many gamers set their controllers down so they can head back to school or college, activity from the community has dropped off a bit. Don't worry though; fall is nearly here, and with it a robust collection of big releases sure to inspire the community to post blogs and reviews.

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Period Reviewed: August 25 – August 31, 2014
Number of User Blogs: 42
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Community Events:

Update: Game Informer Community Fantasy Football League Sign Ups
Chris Mrkvicka is coordinating this year's GIO fantasy football league, so if you're interested and have any questions or want to see if you can still sign up, check out this blog and get in touch with him.

Community Blogs:

The Many Faces Of The Modern Gamer/Jerk
The topic may be one that many gamers are tired of hearing or reading about, but Marco Polo's passionate yet sensible perspective is worth the few minutes it will take you to read the post.

A Tear To My Eye: Rayman Origin's Water Levels
TheDarkestLink's periodic feature titled A Tear To My Eye focuses on key elements from games that are largely unnoticed or forgotten. this week focuses on the water levels from Rayman Origins.

My Opinion Of Zelda-U
It only makes sense for one of the biggest Legend of Zelda fans to write a blog about the next chapter in the game, so enjoy one of the week's most popular posts, courtesy of Vannahfox the Triforce Wielder.

Speculating The Role Of Amiibos In Mario Kart 8
News of DLC coming to Mario Kart 8 inspired several blogs this week, including this one from xghost777 talking about how the Amiibos figurines might be incorporated into the game.

When Link Is In Mario Kart...
In a surprise move that left some happy and others mystified, Nintendo announced upcoming DLC to Mario Kart 8 would add Link to the driver lineup. MightyMagikarp shares his thoughts on the subject.

My Top 10 Favorite (Male) Samurai Warriors Characters
Following up from his post from the previous week listing his favorite female Samurai warriors, Enuo is back again this week with his list of favorite male Samurai warriors. See any names you recognize?

Community Reviews:

It's Not Like Math: Clem's Dilemma Has No Clear Answer
The final episode of season two of The Walking Dead video game is out now and Orochisama LEVON, Spectre does a fantastic job summarizing the game without revealing anything critical to the game.

The Walking Dead Season Two: "No Going Back" Review
Josh Kowbel has a proven track record for posting great game reviews. His analysis of The Walking Dead Season Two "No Going Back" is no different – just watch out for spoilers from the other episodes.

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"Kinda puts it into perspective how privileged we are in our society to be able to spend our time getting angry over videogame reviews." ‏@miracleofsound