The ever-evolving Landmark has long been a place to explore, craft, and create, but now combat has finally arrived. We took a peek at Landmark to check in on how things are going at PAX Prime 2014. Monsters haven’t arrived just yet and are probably a few months down the line, but players are now free to enjoy PVP battles in a variety of different situations.

In a player-created arena known as the Thunderdome, I got a glimpse of just how interesting things are going to be as Landmark continues to add new tools for players to use. The scope of projects like Thunderdome (A gargantuan PVP arena built in just a few days after pvp live) and other high-end projects is staggering, as players continue to create things that astonish the developers.

Once monsters make it into the game and players can mess with their AI settings, people will actually be able to take these large-scale projects like dungeons, castles, and towers and throw monsters in them, creating what amounts to actual dungeon crawls and even player-made D&D style campaigns. With the tools available, Landmark may actually become a destination for tabletop players to get together in virtual space and run their adventures.

Landmark is where many of the systems will be built and tested before being integrated into the upcoming EverQuest Next, but I think for some players it could easily become a more attractive offering than the major MMORPG. Players looking to do freeform crafting, exploration, PVP, building and even battle may find Landmark a place to call home.