There is a lot of room in the mobile space for many of today's popular franchises. Let's explore some of the ways developers could translate their favorite series over to a mobile market.

Indie developer Team Meat, recently debuted Super Meat Boy Forever at this year’s PAX. The game is a auto-runner similar to Rayman Jungle Run, and will release soon on PC and tablets. I loved the original Super Meat Boy, and turning the game into an auto-runner for mobile systems sounds great. I can't wait to get my hands on the game, but that announcement got me thinking: what other franchises should get a mobile version?

Series like Civilization, Dead Space, and Resitdent Evil have already seen mobile entries, but there is large wealth of video game franchises to choose from. Personally, I think a mobile version of Fez could be fun, but I'd also love to play a version of Blizzard's StarCraft on the go. What about you, do you have ideas for mobile versions of existing properties?