Update: Microsoft has announced that Destiny on Xbox One is available for pre-load.

The game comes out on September 9.

[Source: Microsoft]


Original Story:

Polygon has published a screenshot that seems to indicate that Bungie's next-gen shooter will be available for pre-loading when you purchase it digitally.

The site has published a screenshot from Xbox.com, which states that you will be able to pre-load Destiny in advance of its presumed September 9 release date. You can see the screenshot on Polygon's story.

It has previously been confirmed that the PlayStation 4 version of Destiny will be available for pre-loading.

We've reached out to Destiny publisher Activision for an official comment.

[Source: Polygon]

Our Take
Given that it's already been confirmed for pre-loading on PlayStation 4, I tend to believe this report. It's definitely something gamers want, and this big title would be a great boost to the service.