Community activity was light this week but with the annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) Prime kicking off tomorrow, expect a flurry of activity from many of the bloggers wanting to share their thoughts with all of the gaming goodness sure to be revealed from the show floor.

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What's In Store For Clementine?
Fearing for the fate of the unlikeliest survivor of the zombie apocalypse, MightyMagikarp wonders what might happen to Clementine in the final episode of The Walking Dead Season Two.

Final Fantasy XIII: The Good And Bad
Final Fantasy seems to be one of those titles you either love or hate but Timothy Repasky explains why there are things about the games that make him feel both emotions for the series.

Untapped Potential: Child Link
Thomas Stensland dives deep into the historical archives of The Legend of Zelda world to explore the events of the past while speculating about other story narratives worth discovering.

The Best Tutorial I Ever Played
Despite a very minor spoiler for Bioshock Infinite, former Game Informer intern Cameron Koch details the best video game tutorial he's had to use in order to learn how to play the game.

A New Genre Is Born: Shared World
A couple of new games with release dates on the horizon are boasting of open worlds shared among multiple players. IzzyOtaku wondering if we're witnessing the birth of a new genre.

Top 10 Local 4-Player Games
Who doesn't enjoy a game with some good old fashion "couch co-op"? With titles spanning a variety of platforms, pestulio07 reminds us of some of the best games that feature a local player mode.

My Top 10 3DS Games So Far
If you ask widdowson91, the Nintendo 3DS is one of the best gaming devices on the market today. Check out his top ten list of the best games that have been released for this proven handheld device.

A Former Skeptic's (Honest) Tips For Getting Into Dark Souls
Anthony D'Elia admits he didn't think he would ever play a Dark Souls game, but the summer video game release drought not only convinced him to try it but to share the experience with you all.

My Top 10 Favorite (Female) Samurai Warriors Characters
In preparation for the upcoming release of Samurai Warriors 4, Enuo shares a list of his favorite samurai warrior women, with hints of a follow-up blog to highlight his favorite male samurai warriors.

Community Reviews:

Sacred 3 Review
Josh Kowbel's review of Sacred 3 doesn't award the game a great score, but his explanation sounds fair and impartial. If you're considering purchasing this game, you might be interested in what he has to say.

A Look Back at Batman Arkham Origin: Blackgate Review
IzzyOtaku cautions his review of Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate may contain spoilers, but since this mobile game released nearly a year ago, you might not be worried about what it might reveal.

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