Update: Microsoft has just officially announced that Kinect 2.0 for the Xbox One will indeed be available by itself in October.

The unit goes on sale on October 7 for $149.99, and comes with the downloadable Harmonix title Dance Central Spotlight.

[Source: Microsoft]


Original Story:

Microsoft has said that it plans to sell the Kinect by itself this fall, and a new report claims this will happen in October.

Website WP Central says that the peripheral will go on sale "on or around" October 16 for $149 in the U.S. first.

In July, a listing appeared on the Microsoft online store for a standalone Kinect 2.0 for PC for $199, but Microsoft has not announced when the peripheral will be sold separately for the Xbox One.

Earlier this year the company started selling the Xbox One without the Kinect starting at $399.

We've contacted Microsoft for a comment on the matter.


[Source: WP Central via CVG]