Ikaruga is one of the great top-down shooters, involving an overwhelming onslaught of black and white bullets, plus the ability to flip your ship's polarity to become invulnerable to one color or the other. The mechanic is elegant and entertaining, and now the mind behind Ikaruga, Hiroshi Iuchi, is working on a new shooter called Ubusana.

Though details are scarce, Ubusana will be a downloadable shooter. It is currently in development for PlayStation 4, but that doesn't necessarily mean it will be exclusive to the platform.

The game is still a long way from release, but if you are a fan of traditional shooters, you can start looking forward to another trip to bullet hell.

(Source: Iuchi's Blog via Siliconera)


Our Take
The hardcore shooter genre may be a niche market, but its fans are enthusiastic. With the success of Resogun last year is a testament to the staying power of classic arcade-style gameplay, so I'm excited to see what Iuchi's plans are for Ubusana.