A popular feature in recent FIFA and Madden entries is now making its way to EA's NBA Live series. The auction house will be featured in NBA Live 15.

In our recent interview with NBA Live executive producer Sean O'Brien, we learned that for this year's entry they are "basically building Ultimate Team from scratch." Ultimate Team mode was included in NBA Live 14 and was one of the more popular game modes. The developer is also looking to ensure that it will "have a fresh and slightly different take on Ultimate Team as well for basketball."  

In addition to the newly constructed mode, EA is throwing in the auction house. This allows people to auction off and buy player cards to use in the Ultimate Team mode. Unlike the FIFA version, however, the NBA Live 15 auction house will not feature an app.

NBA Live 15 is due to dunk on October 7. Be sure to read our review on last year's troubled title and on the game's free trial mode and potential pricing.


Our Take
I tinkered around with Ultimate Team in FIFA, but never got too into it or the auction house. Still, I know it's a popular way to play and this should hopefully help propel the game into more homes and hearts this fall.