There are quite a few big upcoming releases but first we have to make it through the summertime slump. If you're trying to beat the heat and looking for something cool to read, check out these blogs submitted by the community. Enjoy.

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Period Reviewed: July 28 – August 03, 2014
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My 10 Favorite Video Games
Could you create a list of your top ten favorite video games? Well, DrJoeystein did just that with some picks you would expect. What game earns the number one spot? You'll have to read it to find out.

Successful Adaptations Of Video Games Into Other Media
Adam Kaye shares a couple of his favorite video game adaptations to other mediums besides film with some great examples including Assassin's Creed, Batman, and Persona.

How Nidhogg Is Like Real Fencing...Sort Of
If you're not sure what to make of former Game Informer intern Cameron Koch's blog comparing Nidhogg to real fencing, don't worry; it's an entertaining read you're sure to enjoy.

The XCOM Report: Volume One
Joyful Penguin crafts an exciting story chronicling his latest adventures in XCOM, starring a band of soldiers inspired by various Game Informer community members you're sure to recognize.

Finish Summer With A Bang...For Your Buck
If you're enjoying your summer vacation, the last thing you want to think about is it coming to an end. If you need some help occupying your time Los Pollos Bros has some game recommendations for you.

The 30 Worst Games Of The Past Generation
Talking about games on the last generation consoles has been a popular topic here lately, but John Wrek tackles it from a different angle with a look at some of the worst. His list includes some real doozies you won't want to miss.

Final Thoughts 29: Trine 2
Is this really Eric Watson's 29th episode of the feature where he finishes off games on his backlog and blogs about the experience? Yes it is, and this week he takes a look at Trine 2.

The Games I Played at San Diego Comic Con 2014
Arguably the biggest comic book convention in the world, the San Diego Comic-Con concluded last week. Xghost777 was there playing a bunch of the games on display at the event.

Why Odin Sphere Needs An HD Vita Remake
One of the neat things about featuring blogs published by the community is you hear about obscure titles not everybody is talking about, like Enuo's thoughts of an Odin Sphere remake.

Driving In Chicago – A Warning
One of the week's most popular blogs comes from whovian223 (Hist) who cleverly tells the story of a cop patrolling the streets of Chicago as imagined in the world of Watch Dogs.

Community Reviews:

The Walking Dead Season Two: "Amid the Ruins" Review
Josh Kowbel takes a look at Amid the Ruins, the latest installment in The Walking Dead Season Two that forces Clementine to choose allies. Beware of minor spoilers for some of the previous games.

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"One of the things I love about working in a diverse office is hearing somebody get a kill in a video game and saying MAGNIFIQUE!" ‏@RiotWhiski