Take-Two may have posted a loss for the first quarter of its current fiscal year, but it exceeded expectations on the strength of its catalog titles. Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K15, and Borderlands 2 continue to be strong performers.

2K Games tells Joystiq that the Borderlands series has crossed 18 million titles shipped, with 10 million of those coming from Borderlands 2. Gearbox and 2K Australia are getting ready to release the third major Borderlands game, subtitled The Pre-Sequel, in October.

Take-Two president Karl Slatoff expects big things from the Pre-Sequel despite its release on PC and last-gen consoles only. “We have a lot of faith in the Borderlands franchise,” he said on the earnings call. “There's still a huge install base of consumers; Borderlands is beloved .... We have very high hopes for The Pre-Sequel for current-gen platforms and PC, indeed. But it will be reliant on quality, and we expect to deliver a really high-quality game.”

[Source: Joystiq]


Our Take
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel has huge competition this fall, especially smack dab in the middle of a crowded October. 2K Games moved Evolve out of the way, eliminating some internal competition, but the field is still thick with games vying for attention.

The Borderlands series carries cache’, and 2K Games is counting on the huge install base of Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC users to make it a winner. I’ve played it, and it’s more Bordlerands with some exciting new characters. For many gamers, that’s more than enough to warrant the purchase.