Epic Games has announced that it's established a new Epic Games UK studio, based around Gears of War: Judgment developer Pitbull Studio.

“Pitbull has been essential in helping us develop the best tools and technology for building the next generation of games,” says Tim Sweeney, Epic’s founder and CEO. “They’ve been invested in UE4’s evolution since its early beginnings, and their dedication is unflinching.”

The new studio has offices in Sunderland, Guildford, and Leamington Spa, England. “Setting up a bespoke Epic presence here and fully utilizing the Pitbull team as part of that enables us to support Unreal Engine 4 developers across Europe on an entirely new level,” says Mike Gamble, Epic's European territory manager.

There are a number of open positions in the new offices, including jobs in the art, engineering, marketing, and sales departments. For more information, visit Epic UK's career page.


Our Take
Software development happens all over the world, and it only makes sense for a studio like Epic Games – which has such a large user base with its game engine – to have a larger presence in the UK.