In December 2013, we shared with you a custom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Nintendo Entertainment System. The modders known as PlatinumFungi have returned to pair a love of classic gaming with Eastman and Laird’s fabulous four.

This new TMNT-themed creation celebrates the comic’s 30th anniversary with a monochrome (plus a splash of red) color scheme. PlatinumFungi spent over 150 man-hours creating this backlit masterpiece. With seven years of experience modding consoles, the team is still experimenting with their art. 

The backlighting technique is brand new, but it combines materials and processes that have been used in previous creations. The paint job was handled like a show car, according to the team’s Facebook post, with hand painting, sanding, and buffing.

You can check some of the images below and even more on PlatinumFungi’s Facebook page