Sony has announced the six titles coming to PlayStation Plus on August 5. This is as good a time as any to remind you to grab your six games from July before they disappear from the catalog.

On PlayStation 4, you’ll get Road not Taken and Fez. Road not Taken is a roguelite with procedurally generated worlds and puzzles to solve.

On PlayStation 3, Crysis 3 (from currently ailing developer Crytek) and Proteus. The latter is a video game art project that involves changing music and sound as you move through the world. 

Finally, Vita owners will get Dragon’s Crown and new release Metrico. Dragon’s Crown is a side-scrolling, RPG beat ‘em up. Metrico is a platformer with an infographic aesthetic.

Fez and Proteus are both cross-buy titles. That means you'll get Fez for PS3 and Vita and Proteus for Vita as part of this month's deal. 

These titles will be available until the first Tuesday in September, at which time a new batch will be available. You’ll be able to download them when the PlayStation Store refreshes on this coming Tuesday, August 5.

Update: Atlus has confirmed that Dragon's Crown will also include both versions (PS3 and Vita) as part of PlayStation Plus. The title isn't cross-buy, and the only way to take advantage of the bundle is via PlayStation Plus this month.


Our Take
The new PlayStation Plus format is working for me, and I like getting all the games clearly laid out for the month and available throughout. I'm eager to finally play Crysis 3, and Metrico has had my attention for a while. Road not Taken looks like an interesting take on the now-saturated roguelite market. As for Dragon's Crown, if you have a Vita, that should be stop number one.