The witch with guns for high heels and shape-shifting hair returns for a second round this fall on Wii U, but she'll also star in another adventure on the small screen, too. Funimation has released a trailer for the upcoming Bayonetta: Bloody Fate anime, showing off a glimpse of hectic melee combat and some familiar faces.

The trailer begins with Bayonetta praying in a church before donning her familiar costume and spilling the blood of enemy angels. Her rival Jeanne and arms dealer Rodin also make an appearance, landing a few hits along to the techno-fueled action.

Bayonetta: Bloody Fate releases October 21 as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. For more, check out the Bloody Fate reveal trailer and read our hands-on preview of Bayonetta 2 at E3.

[Source: Siliconera]


Our Take
Bayonetta is all about over-the-top action and gory takedowns, so we're glad this trailer incorporates those elements to get fans excited. And while it definitely delivered on blood-pumping action, we're certainly hopeful the film will still capture Bayonetta's tongue-in-cheek confidence.