While we wait (not so patiently) for this fall’s release of Grand Theft Auto V on PC, the iCEnhancer mod team has been hard at work. The group has made available the third full release of its mod, which completely overhauls the visuals in Grand Theft Auto IV for a hyperrealistic sheen.

This looks like the New York I know and love. The early scenes underneath the elevated tracks look my friend’s neighborhood in Brooklyn, and it’s easy to pick out the inspiration for many of the other locales (even more so than in the original release).

Despite the people not looking quite as good as the environments, Liberty City has never looked as good as it does with iCEnhancer. The mod is configurable in case your computer limps a bit, but you’ll still need something a bit beefier than the recommended specs for the vanilla version of the game.

To download iCEnhancer 3.0, visit the official website. Know that this mod is extremely popular, and the site is getting hammered with traffic. For mirrors, you can visit the iCEnhancer Facebook page.

[Source: Icelaglace.com via Polygon]


Our Take
The differences between PC and console gaming are growing fewer in number, but mods like iCEnhancer are likely to be a solid line for quite a while. If you like making your games even prettier than the official release, PC gaming is where it’s at.