To coincide with the release of the Crown of the Sunken King DLC, From Software has made live a new update for its ruthless action RPG. This patch brings forth more changes than you can shake a sword or chime at.

First and foremost, the patch brings numerous corrections, squashes dozens of bugs, and fixes many exploits. These include added sounds, fixed descriptions, and preventing people from skipping certain parts of the game.

The real meat of the patch, and the aspects that will affect the most players, come to weapon, armor, and item adjustments. For instance, health recovery items are no longer useable in PvP arena battles.

In addition, a large amount of weapons now have increased attack power and status values while others have decreased stats and attack power. In addition, many spells now have either more or fewer uses, have better tracking, and use less stamina.

This is but a taste of what the patch brings; the full list has enough changes that are sure to impact virtually any player's build. Check out the patch notes to see if your favorite items or abilities were affected.

This patch coincides with the newly released Crown of the Sunken King DLC. We had a lot of fun with it in our review. You can also watch Tim Turi and Daniel Tack attempt to explore the new areas in our recent Chronicles episode.


Our Take
After I downloaded the patch the other day and loaded up my new cleric build, I was shocked to see that my lightning spear uses went down from 11 to 3 and my emit force uses went from 10 to 4 (I believe those are the correct numbers). I'm going to be forced to completely change up my playstyle with that build as it's now infinitely more difficult. They may even have forced my hand into using a soul vessel to reallocate some of my skill points to make the build less difficult to use. I am very much enjoying the Crown of the Sunken King DLC, however.