In a new blog post, Respawn has revealed a new “Black Market” to Titanfall along with an in-game currency. Don’t worry, though. The studio promises it will not introduce cash microtransactions into the game.

The Black Market is a place you can sell unwanted burn cards and purchase themed packs of new ones. Credits are earned by completing and winning matches, getting your first victory of the day, completing daily challenges and, of course, by selling off your unwanted cards. You can also purchase new Titan insignias in the shop.

The Black Market becomes available at level 11 and won’t disappear when you regenerate. At level 50, you’ll receive credits amounting to a percentage of the XP you earned during the match.

Respawn says it will be adding more items to the Black Market later on, but won’t say just what yet. Titanfall’s second DLC, Frontier’s Edge, will be out on July 31 for Xbox One and PC, as revealed on a livestream today. It will be available as part of the season pass or a la carte for $10. The Black Market will be coming in Update 5, which will be out on July 31, also.

[Source: Titanfall]


Our Take
Respawn was smart to put the lid on fears before the speculation was allowed to begin. In-game currencies open the door, and Titanfall publisher tends to walk through it (as it did with Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare). I’m curious what else will be coming to the Black Market down the line, but this sounds like a great start.