I’ve played a bit of League of Legends, but it’s been months since I logged in and I have forgotten most of what I learned. I don’t know who the characters are or what makes them special amongst a sea of heavily stylized fighters. Thankfully, for the purposes of this cinematic, it really doesn’t matter.

Riot’s latest theatrical trailer for the popular MOBA brings together a number of different heroes ranging from stealthy ninjas to tank-like bruisers. It’s well choreographed and exciting to watch, even if you have no interest in ever playing League of Legends or any of the many titles in the genre it inhabits.

Most impressively, it’s pretty brutal. Blood is spilled and at least one character takes a shotgun blast to the face (off-screen). With Dota 2’s International now behind us, we’re sure that Riot wants to recapture mind share. This trailer should help the company on that path.