Ask most Star Wars fans which gaming properties from George Lucas’ universe they’d like to see rebooted, and you’ll hear a lot of common answers. We want a new Knights of the Old Republic. Dark Forces brings back a lot of good memories. Many still hope that 1313 will live again.

But one series holds a very special place in the hearts of Star Wars faithful: X-Wing. The space dogfighting simulation put us in the cockpit of many iconic Rebel Alliance and Imperial craft, including X-Wings, Y-Wings, and TIE Fighters.

In a recent video for Star Wars: Force for Change, a charity drive that supports Unicef, we get our first look at the new X-Wing (above, for a better look, click the image to enlarge).

This vehicle was confirmed by the official Star Wars Twitter account to be the new design for the Rebellion’s iconic starfighter (after some speculated it was actually a Z-95). With every new bit of information, we get more excited for what DICE, Visceral, and other yet to be disclosed parts of EA are working on in the Star Wars universe.