The dog days of summer are officially upon us, and many GI editors have noticed, taking a little time to enjoy the nice weather, spend time with family, or do other lame things that aren't video games. For us cooler (because we're inside), it looks like our destiny this weekend is to try out the beta of Bungie's exciting up-and-coming shooter. Whether you're out-and-about or exploring the galaxy electronically like we are, have a great weekend!

Jeff M: This weekend I plan on putting aside my goal of playing downloadable games to check out the Destiny beta. Although, I guess I did technically download the Destiny beta too, so maybe that counts. Either way, I missed most of the alpha, so I hope to get in some more gameplay before Bungie pulls the plug on the early test of the game again. Judging from the number of editors missing from the office today, I’m guessing some of my co-workers have already gotten a head start…

Daniel Tack: I’ll be watching Dota 2’s The International tournament, maybe playing a little Final Fantasy XIV, and probably getting some practice in with my team for the upcoming Rektreational. I want to go back and try a new team in Divinity: Original Sin as well, but I don’t think I’ll be able to get around to it this weekend.

Harry Mackin: I’m going to try out the Destiny Beta and keep playing Infamous Second Son on my beautiful new PS4. I also have a bunch of other games I kinda want play, but mostly beautiful new PS4.

Dimitri Gedevanishvili: Destiny Beta! I also have plans to go kayaking for the first time this weekend which should be fun as well.

Wayne Stainrook: This weekend, it’s more Clash of Kings for me, but I’m also going to start clearing up my Steam backlog, perhaps starting with Anodyne. As you can tell, I am very far behind on my games!