Prepare to be blown off the edge of your seat: the media giant that brought us films like The Dark Knight, Gravity, and Argo just acquired the right to produce a film based on Taito's 1978 arcade classic about aliens slowly scrolling down a screen. [Except]

Warner Bros. recently snatched up the film rights to Space Invaders, and screenwriter-producer Akiva Goldsman who also produced the Paranormal Activity series, I Am Legend, and Hancock is reportedly set to produce the film. Goldsman recently wrote and directed Winter's Tale for Warner Bros. as well.


[Source: Polygon via The Wrap]


Our Take
This is far from exciting. Space Invaders doesn't have much of a lore, so this will probably be like that time Hollywood made a Battleship movie. Maybe this is how film producers play pranks on people. Regardless, we don't even know if the film will see the light of day surprisingly, this isn't the first time someone has tried to make a Space Invaders film.