Update: PlayStation Network has recovered from the flood of Destiny hopefuls. You are now free to move about the galaxy.

Original Story:

If you’re trying to redeem your Destiny beta voucher or download the content, you might be having some problems. That’s because everyone is trying to get in at the same time.

The PSN store is buckling under the weight of an uncountable number of Guardians rushing to the Tower. We’re currently getting an error message that says, “The service is currently undergoing maintenance - E-820001F7.” 

We think that translates to, “Ouch.” Sony is reporting via its support page that the service is “Intermittently Available,” which we think means, “Your mileage may vary.” 

This assumes you can even get your vouchers, as the Bungie website is also experiencing significant problems. Ultimately, this means you probably won't be playing as soon as you'd like.

We’ll keep you posted as this situation develops.