Despite the bright red glow that seemed to hint at the return of Cinder during E3's T.J. Combo reveal, the next confirmed fighter for Killer Instinct's second season is the Amazonian knife-wielding princess, Maya.

Maya was revealed at this year's EVO 2014 tournament. According to a report from GameSpot, she is a high-risk, high-reward character, who can level up her blades for lots of damage, but can also very easily lose those levels with one mistake.

Below you can find Maya's original look, as well as a better look at her stage.

[Source: Killer Instinct on Facebook, via GameSpot]


Our Take
I'm sure Cinder is still on the way, but it is kind of odd to see him teased and not delivered. Of course, it is entirely possible that we misread the tease – it was just an orange glow after all. It could be a new character simply turning on an orange light. Maybe it's a new pet shop owner character turning on the heating lamps in his terrariums. I'm pretty sure I'm right.