It's no secret that we enjoyed many things about Shovel Knight, particularly the music. Firebelly Studios, a developing currently at work on its Kickstarter game Temporus, has announced that Shovel Knight soundtrack composer Jake "virt" Kaufman will contribute to the game's stretch goal remix album, should it meet its funding goal.

Kaufman's previous video game soundtrack credits include DuckTales: Remastered, Shantae, and Contra 4. Other artists slated for the $25,000 stretch goal remix album include Vince DiCola, who's scored films such as Rocky IV and Transformers: The Movie (1986), and Jeff Ball, a violinist and violist who's contributed to soundtracks for games like Mass Effect 3 and Red Orchestra 2.

Temporus is a 2D space exploration game that blends several genres, including side-scrolling shooter and adventure, and its soundtrack reflects its celestial setting. You can get a taste of the game's soundtrack, which composer C-jeff describes as a synthesis of influences from progressive rock to Sega Genesis-style 16-bit tracks, on his SoundCloud page.

If funded, Temporus will come to Windows, Mac, and Linux, and potentially reach other platforms through stretch goals. For more, visit the Temporus Kickstarter page.