Kirby: Triple Deluxe included some extra mini-games outside of its main campaign – a fighter and a rhythm game. Those games will be receiving their own standalone eShop releases in Japan.

The fighting game, Kirby Fighters, is being retitled Kirby Z Fighters for its separated release. King Dedede's Drum Dash casts players as King Dedede as he leaps across a series of drums in time time with classic Kirby music. Its eShop release will include new levels. The two will release in Japan on July 23.

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[Source: Nintendo, (2) via Destructoid, Polygon]


Our Take
The two games are worthwhile distractions from Triple Deluxe's main attraction – its story mode – but I don't know if I could recommend them as standalone titles. Between the two though, If I were to revisit either of them, it would probably be King Dedede's Drum Dash.