Ken Levine, founder of Irrational and writer/director on BioShock and BioShock Infinite, brought up on Twitter a project that never came into fruition. Despite talks with 2K and Sony, the BioShock game for Vita he wanted never got the green light.

On Twitter last night, he wrote about how his vision for the Vita game would be "a Final Fantasy Tactics style thing set in pre-fall Rapture". On why the game never took off, he confirmed that "2K and Sony couldn't put a deal together when I last checked. They seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011".

Despite the closure of Irrational, Ken is still keeping himself busy. The Irrational team was brought down to 15 staff members whose focus is to create narrative-driven and replayable games. In addition, Ken is set to write the Logan's Run remake.


Our Take
Could this be a roundabout way for Ken Levine to hint at what he might be working on? There's no way to know for sure since he and his team are pretty tight-lipped about any upcoming projects, but Ken professing his love for Final Fantasy Tactics and the genre in general offers some exciting thoughts about what a Ken Levine-designed strategy/RPG might be like.