Cliff Bleszinski took to Twitter this morning to announce BlueStreak, described as a free-to-play sci-fi PC arena shooter. The game is being published with the help of Nexon, a South Korean company that has an established history of working in the free-to-play sphere through games like MapleStory and Combat Arms.

The announcement of BlueStreak comes after several months of relative quiet from Bleszinski and his newly formed team at Boss Key. Bleszinski left Epic Games in 2012 after a long tenure with the company, and previously had declared that he wouldn’t be involved in any way with the new Gears game being developed by Black Tusk.

As of now, there’s no info or images connected to BlueStreak. Given Bleszinski’s description of the game, we can safely assume Boss Key’s BlueStreak has nothing to do with the similarly named Blue Streak


Our Take
It’s great to finally know what Cliff Bleszinski and his new team are working on. While a free-to-play PC game seems a dramatic departure from Bleszinski’s previous work on Gears of War, it’s clear that the developer and his team have a different vision for the kinds of games they’re excited about making.