Nintendo is offering this limited edition Fancy Pattern Vivillon as a free download for all Pokémon X and Y owners. Personally, I think that Vivillon is being modest; I think he's more than fancy.

Pokémon X and Y owners have made over 100 million trades through the Global Trade Station, and Game Freak wants to add this exclusive new critter to your Pokébank as a thank you. In order to access this new version of Vivillon, select Mystery Gift from the game's main menu, and then select Receive Gift to begin the download. Next proceed to have fun. You won't encounter this Pokémon in the wild, so hurry up and get online and get this bonus while it lasts.


[Source: via Destructiod]


Our Take
This is a really sweet idea, and I can't wait to get home and download by new Pokémon. I haven't touched my copy of Pokémon X in a long time, but this might be just the thing to motivate me to play it some more. I hope Nintendo keeps doing promotions like this in the future.