Many of you reading this will be celebrating Independence Day tomorrow and perhaps even enjoying the day off with friends and family. Here's hoping you have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Before you go though, how about taking a look at one or two of these blogs posted by your fellow community members? Also, next week marks the 150th consecutive episode of Blog Herding and we have as special treat planned for those bloggers featured in the weekly newsletter.

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Period Reviewed: June 23 – June 29, 2014
Number of User Blogs: 71
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Community Blogs:

Is The Next Generation A Post Console World?
LetMeGetToACheckpoint is intrigued by Sony's new video game streaming service known as PlayStation Now and how this might revolutionize the future of gaming.

A Beginner's Guide To Professor Layton And Ace Attorney
How much do you know about Professor Layton and Ace Attorney? Well, thanks to MightyMagikarp's Beginner's Guide, you can find out everything you need to know about them right here.

The Morals Of Gaming
Servant of God takes on the sensitive issue of morality, specifically as it pertains to video games and violence, while asking a number of relevant questions with no easy answers.

These Xbox Live Indie Games Are Not Created Equal
Former Game Informer intern Cameron Koch posts an informative blog complete with video game trailers worth checking out for a number of exceptional Xbox Live games created by independent studios.

My Five: Terrible Ports Of Otherwise-Awesome Games
Jack Treese compiles a short list of games that are generally viewed as great, but that somehow lost their magic when they were ported over to other platforms. Know of any games like that?

What Watch Dogs Did Right
Whether you were one of the many who purchased Watch Dogs or not, xking595x thinks the game has a few noteworthy accomplishments to boast of, regardless of how you felt about the overall game.

Yer Mum! The Greatest Annoyance In Gaming
Have you ever encountered a Non-Player Character (NPC) that annoyed you more than any other? DJH reveals his in this cheeky but clever piece that may cause you to look at gnomes in a different light.

Do Difficulties Make All The Difference?
The Destroyer makes a few observations about how the level of difficulty often influences how he feels about a game and the reasons why he chooses one difficulty level over another.

How The Walking Dead Revitalized Me
Arkayde admits she's been in a bit of a gaming rut due to some real-life matters, but that all changed when she finally got around to playing the first season of The Walking Dead.

Community Reviews:

Watch Dogs Review (PS4)
Did Watch Dogs live up to the hype or fail to deliver on everything fans were hoping for? See what boxcar182 thought about the game in this well-written review.

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Video Game Quote of the Week From Twitter:
"Big congrats to Minecraft on (officially) becoming the #3 best selling video game of all time!" @AshleyJ