Capybara Games is bringing its time shifting action-platformer Super Time Force to PC with an added Ultra subtitle.

Super Time Force Ultra, or STFU if you prefer brevity and have no patience for hearing others speak, will leave behind its Xbox exclusivity and come to PC by way of Steam this summer.

The game's Ultra subtitle does mean the game will have extra content, but Capybara isn't ready to reveal what it is just yet. Alongside the announcement of a new platform for the game also comes the announcement of the game's soundtrack availability.

You can grab all 53 of the game's chiptune tracks by heading here for the Bandcamp download, and here for iTunes.

For our review of Super Time Force, head here. Also, here's a cool gif from the game.

[Source: Capybara]


Our Take
This is good news for PC players. Super Time Force is a quality game. Expanding the audience is always a good thing. I'm curious what the bonus content will be. I've got my money on additional characters.