Los Santos residents can now show off their patriotic pride, thanks to GTA Online's new Independence Day Special. From monster trucks to muskets to mullets, it's got everything you could want this July 4th, and you won't have to worry about losing any fingers.

The update, out today, includes two new red, white, and blue vehicles: the Liberator monster truck, and the Sovereign motorcycle. Ammu-Nation is selling the fireworks-themed rocket launcher and an old-school musket. Players can move into seven new properties and set up a fireworks show with a dozen different explosive varieties. If you're more interested in character customization, you can rock a mullet and several American flag-themed clothing options.

Silliness aside, the biggest gameplay tweak in this update is the addition of on-call matchmaking. You can now accept job invites and then continue to roam around the world until the open slots fill up. It certainly beats waiting around a lobby.

[Source: Rockstar]