This weekend a lot of the GI editors are either trying to finish or giving up on Watch Dogs, and getting deep into new downloadable titles like Valiant Hearts and Shovel Knight. It's also nice out, so some editors are doing outdoorsy things, or something. Let us know what you'll be up to below, and have a good weekend!

Jeff M: I didn’t get any gaming in last weekend, so I’m carrying over my plan to devote an entire weekend to downloadable games. Transistor, Child of Light, Trials: Fusion, and Zen Pinball 2 are all on the docket – though I’ll be happy if I make significant progress in any of them, much less all of them.

Ben Hanson: I'm going camping this weekend, but I'm really looking forward to a Friday night of gaming beforehand. I'll be diving headfirst into Valiant Hearts and Shovel Knight on my PC. Shovel Knight sounds interesting, but I'm not much of a retro gamer. Valiant Hearts sounds exactly like my taste in games, the worst case scenario is that it'll be interesting. Have a good weekend!

Harry Mackin: I started playing World of Warcraft again this summer with a group of friends, and this weekend we’re all aiming to finally hit 90, so most of Saturday will be devoted to that. I also picked up Far Cry 3 for the first time last weekend after reading our Far Cry 4 cover story and getting way too excited, and I’m loving it so far, so I’ll try to do as much of that as possible. Of course there will also be Persona 4. Always Persona 4. 

Dimitri Gedevanishvili: I still haven’t played Watch Dogs, and at this point I might just never open the box for it. I’m probably going to end up devoting most of my time to Shovel Knight on my 3DS, although that is far from a bad thing.

Mike Futter: I’ll be continuing both Watch Dogs and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD. Hoping to finish one of them this weekend.

Matt Bertz: The lackluster open world has killed my drive to finish Watch Dogs, so I'm planning on checking out Valiant Hearts and spending some time in the Elite: Dangerous beta this weekend. Given my extreme World Cup fever, I'll also probably get a few games of FIFA 14 in on PS4 in between the Round of 16 matches. 

Wayne Stainrook: Shovel Knight. So many knights for shoveling. In fact, I shall shovel upon this very night. 

Tim Turi: This weekend I might put everything modern on hold and just take a dive into the past. I’m interested in booting up Castlevania III on my Famicom and reveling in the amazing soundtrack. I also have a weird itch to play Parasite Eve on my Vita and continue working through Cave Story on my 3DS. If I do play anything more modern, I’ll bust out Wayward Souls on my iPhone or try to settle back into Transistor or Strider.

Jeff C: Unfortunately for me, the responsibilities of adulthood are probably going to interfere with my gaming this weekend. Instead of playing more Zen Pinball 2 or State of Decay: Lifeline or anything else, I'll be mowing the lawn and doing a bunch of lame yardwork. Maybe I'll pretend that I'm playing the largest-ever game of Snake as I draw lines on my yard with the mower. Who knows?! If I'm lucky, it'll rain.