Respawn has announced that Titanfall's fourth update is now live, and we've got a rundown of what's changing.

The biggest addition introduced in Game Update Four is a new mode entitled Marked for Death. As the name implies, Marked for Death highlights one player from each team for elimination, and the rest of the players must protect their unlucky squad mate while taking down the opposing target.

Titans are also getting some love in the new update, with 14 new burn cards for improving your Titan's weapons and abilities, new insignias for customizing your mech's look, and additional OS voices. Respawn has also improved matchmaking and team balancing, and instituted a variety of other tweaks and bug fixes, which you can read about on the official game page.

One addition that's missing from the update is the previously announced multiplayer mode, Wingman Last Titan Standing, which Respawn says has been delayed until the next update.

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[Source: Respawn Entertainment]


Our Take
Respawn's continued commitment to improving and expanding Titanfall is commendable. It also shouldn't come as much of a surprise, considering the game is the best-selling Xbox One title to date, providing everyone involved with the project a little added incentive to further nurture the Titanfall community. I'm sure fans of the game will appreciate the bonus content and customization options.