It only takes a cursory glimpse at our 2014 release schedule to conclude that late June and throughout July isn’t looking to be a stellar few weeks for new game releases. On the bright side, this drought is coming on the heels of an exceptional 2013 holiday season and an early 2014 chock full of awesome games. Unless you’re a superhuman gaming machine, you must have missed some along the way. Which games are you going to queue up during this relatively slow summer?

Are you going to tackle a big open world epic like Watch Dogs? Or a shooter like Titanfall? Perhaps it’s time to catch up on those episodes you missed of The Walking Dead game? Or maybe it’s finally time to dig into one of those big MMOs that recently came out, like The Elder Scrolls Online, or Wildstar? You could even consider some of those great indies, like Mercenary Kings or Transistor? Or, if you’re really behind, you might still be getting up to speed on last year’s must-plays, like The Last Of Us, Super Mario 3D World, or Grand Theft Auto V?

Let us know which games are finally getting your playtime in the comments below.