Oculus has taken a step toward becoming a technology corporation matryoshka doll. After its own acquisition by Facebook in March of this year, the company has made a purchase of its own.

Carbon Design Group, which partnered with Microsoft on the Xbox 360 controller, will become part of the product engineering team at Oculus. The company will remain located in Seattle and will work with Oculus’ research team in Redmond, Washington.

Oculus has been working with Carbon for approximately a year, focused on projects that have not yet been announced. Carbon has been in existence for 20 years and has earned 50 awards for its work in consumer goods and medical design.


Our Take
We know that Oculus is tackling the problem of an input mechanism designed for virtual reality (as we discussed with Palmer Luckey at GDC this year). Luckey told us that since traditional controllers only deliver input in one direction, something unique will be needed for VR that sends stimuli back to the user. Carbon might be the partner Oculus needs to make this a reality.