A new Final Fantasy game subtitled Explorers is coming to Japan, but a recent trademark filing hints that the game may be heading to the United States, too.

The game was recently unveiled in in the Japanese magazine, Jump. It's a 3DS action title where players team up in groups of four to travel a world fighting enemies and searching for crystals, which sounds similar to the GameCube game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, pictured above.

The U.S. trademark for Explorers was spotted by Nintendo Everything, and it hints that the game could be coming to Europe as well.

[Source: Nintendo Everything, CVG]


Our Take
I'd be more surprised if Square Enix didn't want to bring a four-player Final Fantasy action game to North America. If the game truly is similar to Crystal Chronicles, that would be interesting, too. The original release had real potential to be fun, but the hardware requirements to take full advantage of its experience (four Game Boy Advances and four link cables) were limiting. Bringing a similar game to 3DS has the potential to offer an experience close to the one many didn't get to see when Crystal Chronicles released in 2004.