Starting today, you will be able to play Respawn's acclaimed sci-fi shooter for exactly two days through EA's new Game Time program. All you need is an Origin account.

From the minute you start the game up, a timer starts for 48 hours. It doesn't end when the promotion ends, however. The timer will continue whether you're in the game or not, and after 48 hours the game will lock unless you purchase it.

After your 48 hours are up, don't be disheartened: your progress is saved and will follow you if you choose to purchase the game. With Game Time, EA will be allowing different games to be free to play for different amounts of time. No word yet on future games, but EA promises that there are more on the way.

Game Time joins EA's On the House program as a vehicle for bringing users to Origin more frequently. On the House offers free games for a limited time, with Dead Space, Battlefield 3, Plants vs. Zombies, and the current freebie, Peggle. Once you download them though, they are yours for good.

Titanfall was released on March 11 for Xbox One and PC and April 8 for Xbox 360. We liked it quite a bit.

[Source: Origin]

Our Take
Sadly, I don't have a PC capable of running a game like this well. I have played it a bit on Xbox One and it was pretty dang fun. This is a great opportunity to play if you've missed out and, if you can run it, you definitely should capitalize on the promotion.

Between Game Time and On the House, EA is clearly trying to increase usership and visitation to Origin. It might not be the most popular platform, but EA seems committed to wooing users.