Battlefield's round of summer DLC moves the action to the Orient, letting players test their urban warfare skills in four new multiplayer maps.

Battlefield 4 players can get ready for a summer trip to several Asian Pacific cities with the game's next batch of downloadable content. The first of the four new multiplayer maps is called Sunken Dragon, and it features a floating restaurant, several modern high rises, and a lake that players will be able to drain and open up a route for frontal vehicle assault. In Propaganda, players will be able to shoot it out amongst the concrete monuments of bygone emperors, while in Pearl Market players will be able to shoot it out while running through bustling market alleyways and rooftops. Finally, Lumphini Garden provides players with plenty of opportunities to shoot it out while cruising the fast-moving canals cutting their way through a pristine park. Basically, if you want to shoot it out, Battlefield 4's Dragon’s Teeth DLC might be for you.

Thankfully, Dragon’s Teeth will also give players five new guns with which to shoot it out. A new Chain Link game mode will have players linking together capture points in order to with the match. But that's not all! This DLC also includes a Ballistic shield that blocks incoming bullets, a new Battle pickup called the R.A.W.R., which is a heavily armed remotely operated ground vehicle, and 10 new assignments with unlocks for each.

We don't have an exact release date for Dragon’s Teeth just yet, but the DLC will be out sometime this summer, and Battlefield 4 Premium subscribers will get access to the content two weeks early.


[Source: Battlefield]


Our Take
It sure is cool that we can down download extra content for a game to play more than six months after it has released. Technology is cool! If you've stuck with Battlefield this long, then it's probably refreshing to get some more new content. I think I'll wait the extra two weeks to see what people think before I download it, but if you're a competitive player then you might want to jump in on this as soon as possible.