Red Barrels is ready to scare a new group of gamers with the release of Outlast and its Whistleblower DLC on Xbox One. The title comes to the platform by way of the ID@Xbox program.

In Outlast, players take on the role of Miles Upshur, who breaks into the Mount Massive Asylum in Colorado to investigate a tip. You can read more about Outlast in our review.

[Source: Major Nelson]


Our Take
Much has been made by some of Microsoft’s supposed insistence on release parity (coming to multiple platforms at the same time), but this is evidence that titles can (and will) come to Xbox One even if they’ve been on PlayStation 4 first. Release parity certainly helps both Microsoft and the developers (and we’re likely to see more of it now that ID@Xbox is underway), but it clearly isn’t an impermeable wall. 

Parity helps developers because they get a big push instead of a little nudge when another platform is added. It benefits Microsoft because more sales will be on its platforms (earning the company licensing fees). However, Outlast's arrival shows that Microsoft will work with developers and that the immovable "release parity" policy as stated by some indie developers isn't quite accurate.