Blizzard is getting ready to cast a wider net for the Heroes of the Storm technical alpha. The next patch will open the testing to players outside the United States.

MOBA fans in Europe, Latin America, South East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand will start to receive invitations to the technical alpha with the next patch. All of them will use the English language client until localized versions are ready.

Players can spend up to $325 (or equivalent) during this phase, and should account wipes take place (resetting purchases and unlocked items), those funds will be returned to your account. Regional payments will happen using local currency, so the spending cap will be calculated based on conversion to other currencies.

In order to register your interest, visit the Beta Profile page of your account. Once you run a system check (so Blizzard knows what your computer specs are), you can opt-in to express your interest. The timing for the next patch has not yet been revealed.

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[Source: Blizzard]


Our Take
Blizzard is taking an Early Access approach to Heroes of the Storm without the exorbitant fees associated with many games using that model. Remember, this is a test, so if you do get in, do your part to improve the game with feedback and participation.