Nintendo has announced the dismissal of a 2010 lawsuit filed by Triton over the Wii Remote. Triton alleged that the technology powering the Wii Remote infringed against its patent for a “computer apparatus input device for three-dimensional information.”

The Seattle district court found Triton’s patent invalid, as it doesn’t fully describe a complete invention. Nintendo has fought off a number of patent suits over the past few years, and has come out ahead of most of them.

The exception is a recent suit against Nintendo filed by Tomita Technologies. The result of that suit was a judge awarding a percentage of all 3DS sales to Tomita as compensation for the infringement of the company’s glasses-less 3D technology.


Our Take
Nintendo became a target after the enormous success of the Wii, and the company continues to ward off those hoping to capitalize on vague patents. Our patent system invites this type of litigious behavior, but Nintendo’s innovation continues to win out in most cases.