With the full Respawn development team still focused on post-game content for Titanfall, the team has been tweaking matchmaking and balancing since the March launch alongside the planned map pack expansions. Later this month, it's dropping its biggest free update yet, which includes two new game modes, Titan burn cards, and some customization options.

The first of the two new modes, Marked For Death, is playable on the E3 showfloor. This six-on-six mode marks one player on each team as the target for the other team to hunt. Teams score by taking out the opposing marked pilot before theirs is vanquished. When a marked player is killed, the marks reset to another person on each team. At the end of the timed battle, the team with the most marked kills wins the match. The second mode, Wingman LTS, is a two-on-two version of Last Titan Standing.

Players have asked for Titan-oriented burn cards, and they get their wish with this pack. Cards included amped weaponry and enhanced abilities. In addition, Respawn is adding customization decals players can put on their Titans and two new Titan voiceovers.

Look for this update later in the month.