Xaviant’s Lichdom: Battlemage is a hardcore first-person caster game that pits the player against hordes of minions and powerful bosses. A deep crafting and ability selection system rests under the hood, allowing players to upgrade and combine spells for devastating effects and synergies.

We had a chance to play some new content for the upcoming PC title at E3 2014, and things have come a long way since the last time we saw the game. Core gameplay is rooted in mastering spell schools for quick casts and charged up bursts, taking advantage of seven different ways to unleash spells including single target bursts, beam attacks, lobs, traps, area-of-effect blasts, and perfectly timed blocks that explode when hit. Spells can be built based on three core aspects – Damage, control (duration of abilities), and mastery which weakens the opponents and makes them more susceptible to subsequent attacks.

It’s fast paced and challenging, with each area containing heavily guarded treasure, mini-bosses, and epic boss encounters. A system has been added to the game to give the player the ability to unleash devastating power attacks, fueled by scoring overkills on enemies.

There’s hope for players that can’t take on the difficult bosses right away though, as players can repeatedly move through the level collecting loot to spend to upgrade and craft spells. Currently available in early access on Steam, Lichdom will be officially releasing on August 26.