At E3 2014 I had a chance to check out some of the coolest features in Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition on the PS4. The game is set to launch on PS4, PS3, Xbox360, and Xbox One on August 19, and as a PC player I can't help but be a little jealous of some of the social features and streamlined gameplay found on the console.

Not only will console players have a chance to enjoy all the great stuff in the Reaper of Souls expansion like the Crusader class and Rifts, they will also get to share loot with friends and take on incredible enemies who will move from game to game, stalking prey and growing larger with every player killed. Oh, and PlayStation  versions of the game have access to some awesome exclusives, like chances for Rifts to spawn as The Last of Us Rifts, with accompanying atmosphere, clickers, and other zombies. PlayStation players will also receive an exclusive Shadow of the Colossus armor transmogrification option that they can access any time after freeing the Mystic.

Across all versions, if you find a legendary item, there's a chance you'll send a gift to someone on your friends list a legendary item as well! So it's going to pay to be social in a big way. Not only that, the Nemesis system will actually allow the hellish creations of Diablo to possibly level up after they take down a player. This so-called Nemesis creature is then free to travel to friend's games with its augmented powers and attempt to slay them as well. Eventually the Nemesis will either become far to strong for players to handle and be removed from the world, or, if it is slain - Loot will be bestowed to the last player the Nemesis killed as well as the player that takes it down.

The gameplay on the console - Streamlined "items at a glance" to determine upgrades and quick-swap hotbuttons for gear makes for a distinctly different but definitely enjoyable, almost arcadelike experience. It really screams perfect for co-op living room play with friends, and the fact that the title will be launching with a robust an online social system and features that are arguably better than what exists on PC is a big perk. Will PC players ever see the nemesis system or friend gifts?