Cryptozoic Entertainment has announced that the next set of PC MMOTCG Hex: Shards of Fate will be unveiled over the course of E3 2014. There will be a variety of card reveals coming over the course of E3 week, as well as set details and the official set name. In addition, Cryptozoic president Cory Jones told us that the highly anticipated auction house feature is expected to roll out in the next two weeks. While the auction house is a popular staple in many MMORPGs, it's more rare to see in collectible card games.

Players can use the auction house to get the essential cards they need to finish decks, and offload cards they don't want or need. The PVE aspects of the game are still being developed, and Jones says some really exciting features are being worked on, especially in regards to the raiding functionality - Players will be able to "swipe" to other players to get a better look at their board position so that players won't need to squint to scope out the board.

We had a chance to preview a Set 2 card earlier this year, check it out here!