The new installment of the fan-favorite parkour game is still in the works, and DICE put goether a new video that focuses on main character Faith, the revitalized free-running elements, and the accessibility of the gameplay.

Several brief conceptual prototype clips show the first-person action of the game, which maintains the minimalistic color tone of the original but with a next-gen visual style. The video also explains the game’s focus on heroine Faith, and promises that we’ll get a better picture of why she does what she does, (including the dubious decision-making involved in getting a tattoo on your eye). Developer DICE has also promised an accessible focus on gameplay for new players, and some cool approaches to combat sound effects.

We still don’t have many details about Mirror’s Edge 2, and the showing at this year’s EA press conference leads us to believe that the game is still a long ways off. Nonetheless, it’s great to get to hear a little bit more regarding development of the project.