Microsoft took the opportunity to give a number of upcoming indies their due. The list includes titles we've seen and love, and some new additions due over the coming months for Xbox One.

  • Below
  • Aztez
  • Knight squad
  • Plague, Inc.
  • White Night
  • Cuphead
  • Hyperlight Drifter
  • Lifeless Planet
  • Slash Dash
  • Fru
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime
  • Mighty No. 9
  • Threes
  • Fenix Rage
  • Hellraid

The titles come from bigger, established studios like Techland, industry veterans like Comcept, and small teams making their first splash like Green Lava Studios is doing with Fenix Rage. Unfortunately, no news (yet) on converting retail kits into developer units (something we first learned about last year).